Trump’s Attack on Clean Power Puts Public Health and Hundreds of Thousands of Energy Jobs at Risk


Yesterday, Donald Trump, much like that famous Luddite Don Quixote, decided to go to war with clean energy. But unlike Don Quixote, Trump did so with full knowledge that he was also fighting to rob us of our best hopes of putting millions of Americans to work for clean air and a livable climate.

(Where would you want to live? Downwind of a toxin spewing coal plant, or near these solar panels and wind turbines?)

With executive order #18 from his administration, he began to lay the groundwork to start to unravel Obama’s Clean Power Plan — which made a decent first shot at removing the worst U.S. polluters, prevented about 4,500 premature deaths each year (which is like preventing a pollution 9/11…

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5 thoughts on “Trump’s Attack on Clean Power Puts Public Health and Hundreds of Thousands of Energy Jobs at Risk

  1. They say being close to the infernal hum of a wind turbine isn’t so great either. I personally feel that we put too much hope on renewables. We need to cut back on our usage as well.

    My hometown now has three and they power the entire small city. But gargantuan farms, especially in environmentally sensitive areas, is wrong. Where I live now, they’ve put up a solar array – it isn’t pretty, but at least it was built on a landfill, which is an efficient use of land. I was upset that heavy equipment was going to cover over the field of summer wild flowers, but I think it was just for temporary access. Putting them up in the Green Mountain National Forest and permanently blasting the mountains? Not so much. There should be plenty of used land and blighted areas already for these things. Evicting the wildlife and putting these things up everywhere isn’t right either.

      • Yes. I can’t stand that birds are expendable, bats lungs are expendable, trees continually are sacrificed, deserts are treated as wastelands instead of the unique habitats they are, wildlife is evicted and killed when they return.

        USF&W ‘euthanizing tortoises when they return to their former homes in the Western deserts – have you ever tried to relocate/rescue a turtle? They go where they want to. Birds will not learn to avoid them; especially since we are always moving the goalposts! I will never, ever support renewables like that, and vote against them.

        It looks like the photos are a little doctored, I don’t think much grows under a solar array?

  2. I do think rooftop solar is beautiful however and am looking into having it installed at home. Single wind turbines are ok too. But I don’t feel I owe anyone a tearing down of trees so that they can waste energy. Cut back, like many of us are doing. How can anyone justify lowering C02 levels by cutting down trees? It makes no sense, and I wish people could see these things for the money-making schemes they can be.

  3. If Trump does away with the Obama administration mandate of ‘such and such percent of renewable energy by such and such a date’, I will be happy – because these things are thrown up quickly without regard to siting or sensitive environments and harm to wildlife in order to meet a deadline. And some of the renewable energy companies want to grab the subsidies and run while they can. A better solution is needed.

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