So Far, 2017 is in the Running to be the 4th Consecutive Hottest Year on Record


We haven’t quite gotten to the global ‘year without a winter’ yet. But it sure looks like we’re heading in that direction –fast.

Due to the highest volume of heat-trapping gasses hitting the Earth’s atmosphere in all of the past 4-15 million years combining with a warming of Pacific Ocean surface waters, the period of 2014 through 2016 saw an unprecedented three consecutive record hot years. With Pacific Ocean waters cooling during late 2016, it appeared that 2017 would become ‘just’ the 2nd to 5th hottest year ever recorded. But that was before the waters off South America’s west coast began to blaze with unexpected heat during early 2017 even as temperatures at the poles climbed to surprisingly warm levels.

(Due to the combined effects of extremely high levels of heat trapping gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere and a switch to the warmer phase of natural variability, the global…

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One thought on “So Far, 2017 is in the Running to be the 4th Consecutive Hottest Year on Record

  1. Hello, People are quite naiv. This is carried out planned and systematically by the same that are foretelling the end of the world since millenia. The winter is not existing anymore because the same are spraying chemtrails through the whole winter in the polar Region, to prohibit clear sky and that therefor the temperatures go down. This is done by the monotheistic elite that only wants to conquer an other planet and wipe there out every living being too. Its totally impossible to reach someone in the Internet with relevant Information. You are just all supporting chritianity / judaism / Islam, and thats it. YOu don t care about the relevant fact, that you Support by that their elite and their world destruction.

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