Wolves have purpose


Letters to the Editor


Contrary to Stevens County Commissioner Don Dashiell’s claim that the numbers of wolves today are at levels never seen in Washington state’s history (March 18 article), the facts are available online. The Fish and Wildlife Department site states that historically wolves were common throughout the state until the influx of settlers between 1850 and 1900. Hunting, trapping and poisoning decimated a species that had called Washington (and most of the Lower 48) home for millennia.

Wolves have their part to play in the web of life on this planet. People need to think twice before deciding they know better than the one who created all this and stop destroying what is not to their liking. I don’t think God looks favorably on those who have such disrespect for this perfect blueprint. Wolves and all predators have a predetermined purpose, as does everything that inhabits Earth. Let’s stop interfering with the design and work with it, instead of trying to dismantle and redraft it.

by Jeannie Shank



5 thoughts on “Wolves have purpose

  1. I guess Biblical dominionism has precedence over Nature. Wolves apparently have no place once people declare them dangers and pests.

  2. Very few have any notion about the web of life. So ignorance about nature and natural systems will probably lead to human extinction.

  3. Dashiell is also Stevens County Commissioner and a member of the Wolf Advisory Group. He believes in the “Constitutional Sheriff” nonsense that holds that the county sheriff is the supreme law in his county, above the state and federal governments. He is not opposed to poaching wolves.

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