Trump repeals Alaskan bear hunting regs

Trump repeals Alaskan bear hunting regs
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President Trump rolled back a trio of regulations Monday, including protections for hibernating bears in Alaska.

The Obama-era rule from the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) prohibited certain hunting tactics that target “predator” animals likes bears and wolves while they are inside Alaska’s national preserves. This included a ban on hunters using airplanes.

Trump overturned the rule Monday, handing control of the hunting regulations over to Alaska state officials who have shown an eagerness to control predator populations as a way to protect other animals such as deer. But animal rights activists say this will open the door to hunters snatching hibernating bears and wolves out of their dens, or even killing them in front of their cubs.

The president also rolled back the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Internet privacy rules and the Labor Department’s workplace protections that required companies to report injuries and illnesses that occur on the job.


2 thoughts on “Trump repeals Alaskan bear hunting regs

  1. The good boys must be loading up the gun racks and pickups. I wish there were something anti-hunting groups could do, even if it is illegal.

  2. I will repeat what I have already said.Hunters have become yet another powerful corporation, with its lobbyists, political supporters and political bootlickers. It is as if there not already enough factors destroying the planet, now the world has to deal with the selfish pleasures of a few abnormal persons.
    And it is about time that killing of wild animals for pleasure be criminalised.

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