A population bomb is killing us

Exposing the Big Game

“…It’s ‘impossible to feed 10 billion people.’ We don’t need more farmers, we need fewer small mouths to feed.”…

[I would add that the root problem responsible for overpopulation is human arrogance and the scourge of speciesism. Once we address that, we can move beyond mass-denial and take a serious, scientific look at this planet’s carrying capacity in relation to human overpopulation.]


Climate change isn’t the problem. A population bomb is killing us

Humans are doing nothing to stop their own self-destruction

By Paul B Farrell

…Population is out of control. That’s the world’s No. 1 problem. Yet we’re trapped in mass denial. Nobody’s dealing with the world’s biggest problem. Listen:

  • Scientific American says global population growth is “the most overlooked and essential strategy for achieving long-term balance with the environment.” By 2050 world population will explode from today’s 7 billion to 10 billion, with 1.4 billion each in India…

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2 thoughts on “A population bomb is killing us

  1. Population & Climate Change & Sustainability: The Anthropocene Extinction

    Is climate change the new hysteria as maybe was The Population Bomb, such has been suggested or implied by a New York Times article? Maybe, but it seems the world population explosion (7 billion now, projected 10-11 billion by 2100) has had devastating effects on animals with increased ranching and sport killing (aka hunting), poaching. It has had devastating effects on climate with the increased greenhouse gases. Due to the population explosion there is increased demand for resources, increased demand for fossil fuels, increased demand for animal farming (aka ranching), shrinking wildlife habitat and pressure on wildlife habitat by ranching and extraction industries and development, disruption of balanced wildlife ecology by hunting and ranching and extraction industries and development. So, predictions of disasters due to populations explosion (The Population Bomb, Paul Ehrlich 1968) may be valid with the time scale skewed more to the present, delayed due to science aided increased food production exceeding or keeping pace with population, but not averted. We are killing off the world’s wildlife, exploiting the wilderness to a shrinking scale, polluting water, air and land. How sustainable is it? At what costs to wilderness and wildlife and the planet?

    Are there alternatives to the ways we humans sustain ourselves? Maybe there are even healthier alternatives for ourselves, the animal kingdom, the planet? Maybe there alternatives to wildlife “management” by hunting and trapping? And there are alternatives to animal farming (aka ranching) in plant based protein. We need to treat other animals as sentient with rights, treat hunting and trapping as barbaric traditions. We need to see ranching as unsustainable as well as barbaric. We need to slow down on our own reproduction. We all could have more meatless days in our week and month and year. Encourage the food industries to develop palatable and even delicious meat alternatives.

    An answer, or answers to human destructiveness, i.e. Anthropogenic climate change, may be technology. Ideas like man made “trees” that absorb CO2, replanting or rejuvenating ice age grasses of the Pleistocene era to prevent melting of permafrost and attendant mass release of greenhouse gases, which could be a slow moving but extinction event.

    So, maybe a change in meat eating gluttony and resulting diminution in animal farming (aka ranching), turn to green energies and technology will save us.





    Pleistocene Park
    The Atlanticb 03/18/2017
    In Arctic Siberia, Russian scientists are trying to stave off catastrophic climate change—by resurrecting an Ice Age biome complete with lab-grown woolly mammoths. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/04/pleistocene-park/517779/








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