Why I’m An Animal Rights Activist When There Is So Much Human Suffering In The World

Exposing the Big Game



by Tracey Narayani Glover

Before I was an animal rights activist, I was a budding human rights activist. While in law school, I helped victims of domestic violence obtain personal protection orders. I studied human rights and refugee law, participated in an asylum clinic, spent all my summer legal internships working with refugee organizations and focused primarily on helping women who were victims of gender-based persecution and violence such as honor crimes, forced genital mutilation, sex-trafficking, and rape.

My first client let me touch the shrapnel that was embedded under the skin in her knee after the Taliban had bombed her village in Afghanistan and killed most of her family. I also represented men when they were in need, like the gentle Congolese man who had been tortured, and had the marks on his body to prove it, because of dubious ties to the wrong political party.

Refugees and…

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5 thoughts on “Why I’m An Animal Rights Activist When There Is So Much Human Suffering In The World

  1. More and more, the reason I am focusing on animal rights solely is that humans have agency – we don’t have to behave the way we do. We are able to address our problems, and give voice to them. Animals cannot and are either directly or indirectly at the mercy of us and our whims.

  2. Most of our problems are of our own doing, and can be corrected – but we don’t. Countless organizations, dollars, resources are directed at solving human problems, but very little to animal causes – I don’t know what the statistics would be, 100 to 1? And still we keep facing the same old problems – war, inequality, greed, violence. I’ve supported human causes for decades, and see very little change, or change and then a regression. It’s who we are. Now, while I will still defend human causes – my primary focus is on disappearing wild lands and wildlife, and the plight of our domestic animal hostages.

  3. From everything I have seen and read, it seems to me that when a group of humans constantly need help it is often as the result of things they do that make them unable to support themselves. I find poverty is the root many of today’s problem and poverty is due to having more mouths to feed than one can afford. When we look at countries with chronic poverty they are also the most populous countries. In sections of Africa the tribes have decimated the trees which would absorb and release the annual rain slowly. As a result, the annual rains causes flood and after the rainy season there is drought and famine.
    The annoying part is that the international organizations, in their need to be politically correct, always site the fact that those people are so poor that they have to do what they do in order to survive, but they never tell the whole truth. What they don’t mention is that most of those poor people have so many children that regardless of where they lived they would be hard pressed to take care of their enormous families.

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