10 Animals You Should Love, Not Eat

Exposing the Big Game


Most people like to think of themselves as animal lovers. We think negatively about people who say they don’t like animals. I always called myself an animal lover yet I ate animals. I wasn’t lying. I’m pretty sure that if I had to personally choose the animal that would be slaughtered for my dinner and see her killed with my own eyes, I would have opted for salad. The problem is that most of us don’t see the billions of animals that are bred, held captive and killed for our food. They are a nameless, faceless mass that are out of sight and out of mind. What happens when we stop to look and think about the animals we eat as individual beings who feel pain and joy, who love and mourn, who cherish and lose families, who die yet want to live? It might seem…

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5 thoughts on “10 Animals You Should Love, Not Eat

  1. These are the animals that suffer the most and in the greatest numbers. Yet the outlook for improvement seems bleak. People who pamper their cats and dogs think of cows and pigs as steaks and bacon. Getting people to give up a sensory (gustatory) pleasure is notoriously difficult. To Big Ag, cows and pigs and all the other “farm” animals are units of production. Killing them means more money and more jobs.

    I’m always appalled at the attitude of people when these animals are harmed or killed. I have read of terrible fires that killed thousands of chickens and pigs (and have been promoting sprinkling systems in factory farms, without luck!). People have commented thinks like “Yum! bacon,” or “I love fried chicken.” When I recently wrote an article on the maceration of baby chicks, I described how 400,000 of those babies were either drowned in barrels or buried alive. Those terrible deaths evoked gems such as “Why didn’t they drop them in boiling oil and feed them to the homeless?”

    That kind of callousness is beyond revolting and shames our whole species.

    When PETA wanted to set up memorials for animals killed in transport truck accidents on the way to slaughter, people expressed outrage over the very idea–so a few dozen or a few hundred (does it matter–they’re just animals) were killed in accidents before they were scheduled to get killed on the slaughter line.

    An animal activist who was watching the Perdue chicken slaughterhouse told of watching truck after truck of chickens coming in and then going out empty. He said he looked down in the dirt one day and saw what seems to be hundreds of tiny chicken faces looking back. They must have fallen out of the trucks that were carrying them to a rendering plant from the slaughterhouse. I suppose some people would find that hilarious too.

    At any rate, what is the chance that most people will ever care about the suffering of these animals?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much chance at all. 😦 When it comes to most people and their attitudes towards animals, I really despair. But as a friend of mine once said (in that case it was about climate change) even if it doesn’t change much, it’s better to do what’s right than not do anything at all.

  2. I had a very strange dream last night that I think sums up my worries, sorrows and the despair I feel about the plight of animals. I dreamed that there was some cosmic glitch and our world stopped for a split second, not long enough to even finish the thought that something was different and wonder what. It was like when you are streaming a movie on NetFlix and sometimes it freezes fora split second and then continues. After the split second the world started again but strange things followed, including behind every exit door there was nothing but a metallic gray space with no edges or contour and the sensation that some unfriendly people were moving through the gray space to enter our world. Finally, everything seemed normal again and we were all able to leave the building to go home. The outside looked like a small town, like the set from the 1950s movie “The Invasion of Body Snatchers”. We were happy that everything was back to normal and I was chatting with a colleague when we saw a group of people chasing something down the street, they trapped the thing inside a circle and started beating it. We ran to see what it was, and it was a cat, dead from the beating. I was angry and asked them why they did that. They turned to me and looked surprised and said, “do you know what that thing is?” I said it was a cat but they did not know what a cat was. Then I realized, the way you realize in dreams, that our world had lost all of its non-human animals, except for that poor cat! It was really sad and I started crying, and woke up. I think this dream reflects all my hopelessness that animals will ever have a day of justice.

    • OMG! That is sad. I think many committed activists carry their worries about animals into their dreams. I’m always trying to find a veterinarian for a sick or injured animal I find, but the phone doesn’t work, or I can”t find the address, or the clinic is closed. Same dream over and over.

      • To be honest at a subconscious level I think a world without any animals is the best punishment for human species. If you could imagine what a world like that would be for billions of psychopath killers you would see what I mean

        I know my dream came from hours of agonizing thoughts and feeling helpless to change anything. I am a firm believer that the instinct to inflict pain and to take other living beings’ life is only partially a learned behavior. It is mostly genetic. In a world with no animals to exploit those of us who care about the plight of animals would get along fine. However, of the of billions of the clueless and the depraved a large portion will not be able to adjust. They would kill other humans and would be exposed as the monsters that they are.

        Many times I wished by some miracle the animals would be transported to somewhere safe from us. It is only then that the evil and ugliness of billions of so called humans would be exposed and force the rest to take a stand against them.

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