Breeding Ourselves To Extinction

Exposing the Big Game


November 19, 2014

Overpopulation Fuels Climate Change

Breeding Ourselves To Extinction


The United Nations has held countless major meetings on climate change, at great consumption of fuel, that have amounted to nothing but reports and promises of more talk. After many of these alarming reports, the G20 leaders, in November 2014, decided to throw several billions of dollars at the problem. Despite climate-change denial becoming incorrect, as long as a discussion of overpopulation, in the context of climate-change mitigation, remains a taboo, we may be sure that nothing will be achieved. If we are serious about reducing our carbon footprint, we must rethink the flawed capitalist concept of unending economic growth and consider reducing the number of human feet in the world. Overpopulation must be discussed in the context of climate change. A major impediment to this discussion has been the assumption that…

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4 thoughts on “Breeding Ourselves To Extinction

  1. I was raised on the Bible. Later, when I got “educated” I started looking at it again–but saw it in a very different light this time: Most of what is in this book has to do with “begetting” and “wars and more wars.” Well this is what we now have, right?

  2. We should have known that ages ago if some proper studies were made to forecast the carrying capacity of the planet for humans. The carelessness of our own folly has brought us to that point and now, as usual, we start thinking about the wrong solution. I recall on e Asian politician trying mass sterilisation, on the poor of course and without their knowledge, since the rich have the divine right to live and procreate.

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