Save the Earth: Pray for a Pandemic

Exposing the Big Game

I don’t mean to sound like some hateful misanthrope who wants to see humanity suffer for all its crimes against the environment. Rather, my misanthropy stems from a profound love of nature and a will to save non-humans from the cruelty and exploitation they’re routinely subjected to by the one species fully capable of causing a mass extinction. Indeed, the species Homo sapiens is currently in the process of putting an end to the most biologically diverse period the Earth has ever known—the Age of Mammals, a class which the human race must reluctantly finds itself included in.

Being nothing more than mere mammals themselves, humans are ultimately at the mercy of Mother Nature’s self-preserving tactics. And what better way to reign in an errant child than with a major global pandemic that takes down only humans? Let’s face it; humans are never going to reverse the ill-effects of climate change willingly…

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11 thoughts on “Save the Earth: Pray for a Pandemic

  1. A targeted pandemic, affecting only the human population may be the only thing to save the planet and its other animals.

      • Targeted pandemic that is delivered through life styles that include, butchering, hunting and eating animals alive or half alive.
        1. Eating animals is bad but when they are eaten alive or half alive it becomes demonic, how about starting by that and introduce a contagion that kills the monsters eating a live fish as the animal is gasping for air?
        2. Create a contagion that does not make animals sick but the humans dealing in butchering of them could get sick and die a painful death. Even better, why not allow the avian flu take care of the guilty?
        3. Let’s introduce something that affects the wildlife only by making them a powerful delivery method for hunters and poachers.
        These are of course my fantasies which will never come true, as humans like all other parasites thrive by keeping their numbers up, until there is nothing to eat. Then they will turn on each other, but that is yet a while in the future.

      • A small group of responsible humans would need to develop both the targeted pandemic and selected immunity for themselves. Read Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake triology.

  2. How about this? I was reading about this the other day, and all for a stupid football stadium. Didn’t the architects consider or even care about this when they were designing the building? Terrible. I too have a love of nature and drive to protect innocent creatures from us – but I also think a little comeuppance wouldn’t be such a bad thing either. Just think – some kind of botrytis outbreak for beer hops might be a good place to start – it would cause no end of pain to those who watch football and can’t keep it in their pants to save the planet!

    • Oh, for Pete’s sake. They put it right in the middle of the Mississippi Flyway and then use reflective glass! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It comes down to the same human arrogance and self-centeredness. Sports nuts aren’t going to worry about birds. Our total apathy about wasting other lives is shameful,

  3. “I don’t mean to sound like some hateful misanthrope who wants to see humanity suffer for all its crimes against the environment.” No need to apologize as far as I’m concerned–sounds great to me!

  4. We should have known that ages ago if some proper studies were made to forecast the carrying capacity of the planet for humans. The carelessness of our own folly has brought us to that point and now, as usual, we start thinking about the wrong solution.

    • And the right solutions, unfortunately, run counter to some of our primary religious and economic values.

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