Tuesday Is Soylent Green Day Again

Exposing the Big Game

Last night I watched the timeless 1973 movie, Soylent Green, again and was again impressed (unfavorably) by how much the futuristic world that it depicted mirrored the world we’re headed for now. The temperature of the overcrowded New York of the future was a constant 90 degrees; the oceans were dying (presumably from overfishing and pollution, they hadn’t heard of acidification at the time); and the world was running out of food..

Spoiler Alert:

Set in 2022, the film opens with a slide show of earlier eras, back when the Earth was covered with forests and open fields, and there were only a few scattered settlements of people who travelled in horse-drawn wagons.

As the images pass quickly by, we see the first automobiles (tail pipes spewing toxic climate-changing carbon gases), followed by a massive blacktop parking lot jam packed with Model Ts. The pictures begin to flash almost more rapidly than we can focus, but we…

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Is Soylent Green Day Again

  1. The modern prophets–scientists, artists, film producers–aren’t being heeded anymore than Isaiah and Jeremiah were in their day.

    We have been warned for decades that we had to change our behavior and start curbing population and excess consumption. As the warnings get more dire from the prophets, conservative ideologues deny climate change, Wall Street and Madison Avenue demand more growth, and religious groups declare that fertilized human eggs should have full rights of personhood.

    The planet will be forced to do the work of reason and determine our fate.

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