Unprecedented Harm to Great Barrier Reef From Back-to-Back Bleaching Confirmed


It’s becoming more and more clear that the Great Barrier Reef has been pushed onto the ropes by human-caused climate change. That its very future is now in serious jeopardy. That only swift action by a responsible populace will now be able to save it.

During 2016 to 2017, the Great Barrier Reef experienced an unprecedented back-to-back bleaching event. In 2016, more than 60 percent of the corals of the reef’s northern section experienced bleaching. Ultimately, roughly 2/3 of the shallow water corals along this section of the reef perished.

In 2017, warmer than normal waters shifted south. As a result, the central section of the Great Barrier Reef is presently experiencing 60 percent or higher bleaching rates. Now, mass mortality in regions unaffected or minimally affected by last year’s record bleaching is expected.

(New composite bleaching maps show the extent of the 2016-2017 coral mortality event which now…

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2 thoughts on “Unprecedented Harm to Great Barrier Reef From Back-to-Back Bleaching Confirmed

  1. The destructive forces of human greed will cause many victims until the eventual death of the planet itself.

  2. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I don’t see how it can recover from this. I had the good fortune to spend time on an island up there in the late seventies and that experience shaped a good part of the rest of my life. This nightmare is too depressing to even contemplate.

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