Eat This, Not That: Top Ten Everyday Vegan Food Swaps

Melanie daPonte, Vegan Personal Chef

cutVegan Patty Melt

Here’s a list of my favorite plant-based everyday prepared food products. These are the brands you will find in my fridge, freezer and pantry.  I truly believe today’s plant-based products taste better than ever!

Although processed foods should comprise the smallest percentage of our diets, they can still be included in a balanced plant-based lifestyle, and can help ease the transition away from meat and dairy.

Dairy-Free Cheese


My number one pick is Daiya, wedges and slices. The meltability and flavor are excellent, and it comes in a great variety of flavors!



Just Mayo is the best, hands down. I use it in dressings and in my tofu eggless and toona salads or just spread it on my favorite sandwich.

Meat-Free Deli Meats


There is no better choice, in my opinion, for sandwich slices,  roasts, sausages and even hot dogs than Field Roast. So many varieties to choose from and…

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5 thoughts on “Eat This, Not That: Top Ten Everyday Vegan Food Swaps

  1. I really agree on the Daiya cheese. The cheddar makes the best toasted cheese sandwich ever. Gardein Classic Meatballs are good too. Also recommend Leahey vegan gravy. More and more things to try nowadays. I’ve been vegan so long I remember that when you wanted a veganburger you had to start with boiling lentils!

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