More than 350 animals

Matted dogs


We are finding dogs living in inches of their own urine and feces, with coats matted so heavily that they can barely walk, puppies choking on toxic fumes and many animals suffering from a variety of skin and eye conditions.

Animals rescued from neglect

Sadly, it isn’t just dogs and puppies who are suffering.

So far, our Animal Rescue Team has found more than 350 neglected animals — including cats, donkeys, a horse, bunnies, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, sheep and an alpaca.

Jim, the cruelty we’re witnessing is heart-wrenching. We will stay here until every animal is on their way to a better life.

This rescue is only possible with the help of compassionate supporters like you.
Thank you so much,
Sára Varsa
Senior Director, Animal Cruelty, Rescue and Response

6 thoughts on “More than 350 animals

  1. And we hear this story over and over again, but the people responsible never seem to get punishment that is comparable to the damage they have done, not even enough to deter others. People just don’t care.

    When this happens local communities should have to provide the funds for veterinary treatment, food, and shelter. If the “owners” are so callous and irresponsible and the whole community had to pay, maybe the abuse wouldn’t be taken so lightly.

  2. You know, for years I have been told how great our country is, and I think we have a lot to learn from other countries. I saw this on the Humane Society site; and was horrified to also see that a group of kids, only 12 – 16 years old, chained and burned a dog alive, I think in SC. 12 to 16 years old! Who give birth to these monsters? That poor dog. I hope these kids have to answer for their heartless crimes.

    • I second that. I now know that I was wrong to think that people in US and Canada were among the kindest and most civilized. When I see the Canadian government support a bloody and sadistic annual ritual I honestly have a hard time to process it. How can anyone claim humanity while allowing such horrible acts to be committed? I cannot help but to think that there is something in the genes of many humans from all races and all places that is very inhuman and parasitic. Maybe it was a small variation in the evolution process that created a sub-species of humans.

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