What happens when all the animals are gone?

The Extinction Chronicles


We are heading for a time when wildlife no longer exists.

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Stephen Capra is a contributor to Writers on the Range, the opinion service of High Country News. He is the executive director of Bold Visions Conservation, based in New Mexico.

We live in a time where we are heading towards a world without wildlife. We have a voice and a vote, yet we elect people who support the destruction of what makes our planet livable. But perhaps our gravest sin continues to be our treatment of wildlife. How is it that, given an earth so rich…

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11 thoughts on “What happens when all the animals are gone?

  1. We have proved ourselves to be the most dangerous predator, and the most troublesome of the invasive species of the planet. We spend so much time studying and wrotind about other species, but we have neglected to study ourselves.

  2. I read a wide variety of news sites and am just appalled at many of the comments. Climate change? They’re not interested. Bombing the Middle East? They love it. The destruction we are capable of to the environment and to other creatures living with us, or trying to, isn’t even on our radar for the most part. It’s been our story since we grew to big enough numbers on the planet – us vs. them. I would differ with the author to say that “we” as a whole didn’t realize how quickly we had killed off wildlife, but only a few who found it important enough to do something about, and we can see now the Big Rollback. And yet, we still go through the motions of going to church and religion…..

    I see people all caught up in their own activities, driving home (in a big SUV or pickup) and on the cell phone at the same time, and feel sorry for them for all they miss and have no idea about outside their own little world. I feel even sorrier for other creatures in that outside world.

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