Over 15,748 Seal Pups Killed in 3 Days

The Extinction Chronicles


An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


April 2017

Sealers have killed 15,748 harp seal pups in just 3 days.

canadian seal hunt

Sealers have killed 15,748 harp seal pups in just 3 days. These seal pups are just a few weeks old, and many are just learning how to swim. Sealers on a killing spree of this magnitude will almost certainly neglect to carefully check whether all the seals they have shot and/or beatened are really dead before dragging them onto their boats and/or skinning them.

seal mother and baby

The Canadian government continues to stand by this ‘industry’, claming that it is important to Atlantic Canada and the fishermen who participate in this massacre. In reality, it represents a tiny fraction of the provincial economies of Newfoundland and Quebec, where most of the sealers come from, and just a small percentage of each sealer’s income.

Please take action.

1. Distribute leaflets where you…

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12 thoughts on “Over 15,748 Seal Pups Killed in 3 Days

  1. Meanwhile Justin Trudeau, tireless defender of Syrian refugees and pretty boy for “progressives” everywhere, and the governing “Liberal” Party who oversees and is complicit in this atrocity are hell bent on legalizing recreational marijuana in Canada. Guess that pretty much says-it-all about the ethical priorities of our self-righteous, preening, northern neighbors.

  2. Self-righteousness seems to be a genetic prerequisite for a political career. And it’s a given that will always pander to humans and throw animals under the proverbial bus since they have no money and no vote. They and their lives don’t count. And there aren’t enough of us to vote the worthless lackeys out.

  3. This hunt has been going on for decades and PETA keeps asking for more donation $ every year it starts. What the hell have the animal welfare groups been doing with all the money donated to end the seal hunt?? No one wants the pelts. It basically occurs because seals compete with fishermen for fish. Can’t have that……

    • Captain Paul Watson, with backing from Cleveland Amory, really tried. I think the government is afraid to shut something down that provides work. It’s about time politicians started taking responsibility for a lot of jobs that are harmful and outdated. Animals should not have to suffer for our shifting economies.

  4. Politicians appear to be the same all over the world. Once elected they feel comfortable to please only those that funded their elections, and not the millions who put their confidence in them. We all thought Trudeau was a man of the future, but it appears he is of the same breed.

  5. Ugh. The violence of thjs really really disgusts me. I hate it! There’s actually, from what I understand, no good reason for it except to keep seasonal fishermen an income? How disgusting is that. Gross! I’m surprised that Prime Minister Trudeau hasn’t stopped or limited it. Sigh – at times like this I remember the Fisheries Minister getting a pie in the face.

    • Yes, anything for jobs. Animals shouldn’t have to pay for human unemployment problems. Politicians are putting off the time when increasing robotics will eliminate even more work. I heard someone suggest that the day will come when some people will have to be paid for being unimployed. There just won’t be enough jobs for the increasing populations. Or will they just come up with more ways to harm animals for a paycheck.

  6. Just imagine an entire line of catapults full of tofu pies to bombard the fishermen as they disembark from their death boats. A person can dream…….maybe next year! 🙂

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