Into the Tar Pit of Religion

Exposing the Big Game

Well, I touched the hot button of overpopulation without getting burned, so perhaps it’s safe to wade into the tar pit of religion without going too far under…

First, a fair warning to lurking hunter trolls:  your comments and feeble rationalizations (and we’ve heard them all before) will not be posted on this blog, but will get filed as such and may be used against you anytime they help prove a point. For example, here’s part of a comment I received from a hunter the other day: “I love animals, but fully understand that all living things have their place in God’s plan and on His Earth. He gave us domain over animals. Read Genisis [sic] and wake up!”

How convenient. But do people really still believe that kind of crap?

Sadly, the answer appears to be yes.

A staggering 46% of Americans believe that god created humans in their…

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6 thoughts on “Into the Tar Pit of Religion

  1. I always enjoy having the opportunity to rip into one of these subhuman morons , A.K.A hunters. However, I agree that we should just ignore their trolling. They are not worth the effort to try and reason with them.

  2. Looks like the wolf is giving his opinion of religion and hunters both:)

    Sometimes I think the people who adhere to biblical beliefs are operating with their reptilian brains alone. However, dominionism does support all the animal abuse on earth from which human beings derive profit and pleasure. It’s hard to see how science can fight that and win.

  3. Yes its pityful. The Thing is the idea of monotheism is supremacism and the real problem- The use this creation Thing to say, ah our god created all that and all of you and also your Religion and gods and therefor he is superior and therefor we are allowed to make you all extinct and kill everything and everyone. Monotheism must be destroyed at any costs its the root of all this mess and massacre.

  4. Bad enough that these morons brought science and politics into hunting, now it is religion. Their ignorance and arrogance is impossible to classify as human traits. What will they bring forward next, philosophy, psychology and what else to justify their morbid pursuits.

  5. To me, what must have started out in ancient times as a reverence for the world around us has degenerated into what we see today. I still have that reverence and sense of the divine. Now it’s more how people want to interpret religion to justify their own behaviors. Same with the Constitution, and the statement on the Roosevelt Arch at the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Conveniently, people disregard some bible passages for others. It’s how the human mind works. We’ve elevated ourselves into demi-gods.

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