The same religion as the rest of the animals


4 thoughts on “The same religion as the rest of the animals

  1. I spent 14 years in Catholic schools and got tired of the Church’s refusal to condemn cruelty to animals. In the fall we would get sermons about how hunters would commit mortal sins if they missed mass to go hunting. There weren’t so many pickups trucks then, so dead deer and elk were just tied over the roof of cars or draped over the fenders. Every fall the highways carried the victims for all to see. The sight of those bodies did not seem to bother good Christians as much as the thought of invisible sins on invisible souls that could send a hunters to an invisible hell if they shot themselves or fell down a ravine. I also once saw how hunting dogs and the birds they practiced on were treated. I left the Church long ago and declare my religion as ethical vegan.

    But I still cannot understand the moral hypocrisy and schizophrenia of religion. The faithful believe in an All-Just, All-Knowing, and All-Merciful God that somehow does not condemn human beings for abusing and killing his other creatures, does not promise human beings a condign punishment in this world or the next, and does not give animals souls. Thus, they will be denied justice everywhere.

    So the Church had to develop a subcategory of theology, called theodicy, to explain the “goodness” and “justice” of God in the face of the pain and suffering on this earth. Of course only human pain counts.

    I give the Church a grade of “F” in theodicy and an “A” in hypocrisy.

  2. Love thy neighbour…….are they not our neighbours too? Let us not look at religion for our misdoings.

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