Trump hosted ‘trailer park trash’

Olbermann: Trump hosted ‘trailer park trash’


10 thoughts on “Trump hosted ‘trailer park trash’

  1. I’ll certainly go along with the “trash” part.

    I don’t know if everyone who resides in a trailer is as intellectually and morally challenged as the Terrible Trio who presented to the White House. Trailer dwellers may also be among the economically challenged, like the PhD students I’ve known.

    But I have a question. If Nugent, Palin, and the Kid were the same kind of people but belonged to an ethnic group, would we dare refer to them as trash?

    I don’t have a problem with “trio of trash” for this group. But it seems our political correctness is inconsistent. Trash is as trash does is my motto and depends on behavior. PERIOD

    • Great observation. I agree the three are trash and I will add that they are dangerous as well. The trio aptly represent the moronic sub-human species demanding a move backward in time instead of forward. That concerns me greatly.

    • I agree. It is what people do that counts. Bad behavior and cruelty deserve condemnation no matter who is commiting them.

  2. I was watching the news this morning. Sarah Palin said she asked Ted Nugent to come to the White House as a guest “because Jesus was booked.”

    What can you say. . .

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