Washington lawmakers seek to shield wolf-plagued ranchers from threats

The Extinction Chronicles

OLYMPIA — The Washington Senate and House have approved legislation to withhold records that name ranchers who report that wolves are attacking livestock or sign agreements to prevent depredations.

House Bill 1465 stems from threats ranchers and public employees received last summer as the Department of Fish…

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8 thoughts on “Washington lawmakers seek to shield wolf-plagued ranchers from threats

  1. “Wolf plagued ranchers”, welfare ranchers encroaching on wolves on leased public land. “Wolf plagued” my ass.

  2. And some of us would like to save rancher-plagued wolves from dying.

    So here is another pattern evolving: More people are discovering how millions upon millions of wild lives are destroyed by traps, snares, poisons, and bullets. They’re complaining and fighting back, so now one answer is secrecy. The bill had the backing of 40 to 7, so the ranchers and wild life department are winning in the legislature. Surprise!

    This is similar to what happened when Mercy For Animals and Compassion Over Killing started doing undercover investigations of factory farms and slaughterhouses. They put videos on YouTube revealing the horrors taking place behind the doors of those well-guarded, closed facilities. Instead of cleaning up their act, firing abusive employees, and placing video cameras in barns and on slaughter lines, the response was to pass ag-gag laws to turn whistleblowers into criminals and possible terrorists. So Big Ag set the standards of how to continue an ugly business through secrecy and threatened punishment.

    So far, no laws apparently threaten protestors or activists for wolves or other wildlife. But hiding information is scary enough. Will Fish and Wildlife stop compiling or begin sealing records of their killing? Will they admit how many animals have been designated as “pests” and destroyed for harming the ranchers and homeowners who choose to intrude themselves near wilderness areas? Will they admit how many animals are also killed as collateral damage as they haplessly stray into traps and poisons? Just their bad luck, I guess.

    So wildlife activists have another fight on their hands.

    • I must say I never believed that Republican politicians would be this bad! It feels like I am watching a science fiction movie and the monsters have managed to break loose and are on a murderous rampage!

  3. “Wolf plagued ranchers…” The biased headline says it all. Maybe there will be a whistle blower within the Fish and Wildlife ranks when even he or she can no longer stand the predator slaughter.

  4. The sad truth is that the whole race of politicians and their lieutenants have become too dangerous for the planet. Some culling needs to be done.

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