Trump Junior’s plans for Saturday morning in Montana causing controversy

Apr 19, 2017 6:38 PM PDTUpdated: Apr 19, 2017 6:38 PM PDT

Trump Junior’s plans for Saturday morning in Montana causing controversy
BOZEMAN –We are learning more about Trump Junior’s plans for Saturday morning and it’s sparking some controversy with local environmentalists. The Ravalli Republic reported that Gianforte told a crowd in Hamilton Monday that he plans to take Donald Trump Jr. Out to shoot prairie dogs.

It’s important to note that shooting prairie dogs in Montana is completely legal, but at least one wildlife advocate says it is far from ethical.

Dave Pauli Senior Advisor for Wildlife Policy with the Humane Society of The United States said, “I was disappointed I guess that any national or international politician or celebrity would have the opportunity to come to Montana in the spring and their first choice of things they want to do is shoot prairie dogs.”

In a Facebook post posted on Wednesday, Pauli voiced his frustrations about the idea of Gianforte and Trump Jr. Spending their time in Montana shooting prairie dogs.

The Facebook post has garnered a lot of attention with more than 300 likes and 400 shares in just a few hours. And there are plenty of comments on both sides of the issue.

Ruth Gessler Farnsworth simply said, “Awful.”

While Jeremy Parish said, “totally legal and encouraged. Just like the coyote slaughter in most states.”

Shane Scanlon Communication Director for Greg Gianoforte says Ginaforte is proud to hunt in Montana. Scanlon released a statement saying…

“Hunting is a big part of gain forte’s life; he’s a sportsman and an outdoorsman and tries to get out when he can. He’s just looking to have a good time with Donald Trump Jr. and shooting some prairie dogs this weekend.”

Pauli says he’d rather see the duo hit a shooting range.

Trump Junior’s first appearance in Montana will be on Friday in Kalispell, from there he will visit Hamilton and close out his trip in Bozeman.

He’s attending several fundraisers for Gianforte who is running against Democrat Rob Quist for Montana’s lone congressional seat.


11 thoughts on “Trump Junior’s plans for Saturday morning in Montana causing controversy

  1. ..
    sick twisted”fux”..
    spawn of the devil..
    serial killers on steroids..

    “Karma has no menu..
    you get served what you deserve.” ~ a.u.

  2. I wish the people who are eager to protest Trump would get on board and protest the hunting and environmental issues too! They have been too silent about the lives that are being jeopardized.

  3. I can’t believe Trump Jr. would bring about such a rain of hellfire negative controversy to the administration. I am skeptical. I tried to be fair by keeping an open mind for the firs 100 days against my better judgment. That slam you hear is my mind closing shut.

  4. “Scratch the itch.” What a repulsive thing to say. This is not hunting; it is something young boys do before they go on real hunting trips. It’s an embarrassment.

  5. It is a shame that so much emphasis about Trump is on trivial human stuff. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if this animal serial killer gets a bullet? While some of us are trying to save remaining prairie dog colonies, making sure they have food to eat (in cities/towns where they are hemmed in by development), the Trump creatures are out in the wild doing more damage. I’m all for getting a Human Hunting license!

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