200 Year Old Whale Killed–Enough is Enough!

Comment by Captain Paul Watson:

For 200 years this incredible whale has swum through the waters of the Arctic Ocean.


Two centuries ago it was 1817. This whale was alive before the American Civil War. This whale was alive before Thomas Jefferson died. This whale was alive before the ship ESSEX was sunk by a Sperm whale. This whale is older than the Mormon church!

When this whale was born, African Americans were just commodities to be bought and sold. When this whale was born, women had very few rights and Native Americans were being slaughtered. well, because of manifest destiny, killed because of White American culture.

And now some 16-year old kid is a frigging “hero” for snuffing out the life of this unique self aware, intelligent, social, sentient being, but hey, it’s okay because murdering whales is a part of his culture, part of his tradition.

He went out in his “traditional” metal boat, powered by a “traditional” outboard motor, armed with a “traditional” exploding harpoon and “traditional” high powered rifle and they all hauled the great grandmother of a whale into the shore with a “traditional power” winch.

I don’t give a damn for the bullshit politically correct attitude that certain groups of people have a “right” to murder a whale.

Their so called “right” is not as important as the right of the whales to live, survive and to thrive.

TWO HUNDRED GODDAMN YEARS and this little prick snuffs out her life just because because he legally can. I hope he chokes on the blubber.

People like the Yupik, the Faroese, the thugs in Taiji, the Orca killing scum in St. Vincent and the whaling gangsters of Iceland, Norway and Japan are despicable murderous bastards all justifying their cruel infliction of death in the name of this mother of all justifications – culture.

Am I angry? Damn right I am. Enough is enough. I don’t care what self righteous ethnic label anyone may want to pin on themselves, killing a whale can never be justified in the name of tradition or culture.


And for those who demand that I respect anyone’s “right” to kill a whale or a dolphin, my answer is I have never, I do not and I will never respect the infliction of suffering and death to any cetacean.

And for those who say, well you eat meat? No I don’t, and I would no more respect this horrific murder of this incredible sentient being than I would of the culture of cannibalism.

And by the way I have been to Gambell in 1981 where I saw the Yupik shooting walrus with M-16 rifles just for the ivory. The number of stinking rotting Walrus bodies I saw that summer was obscene.


Sixteen-year-old Chris Apassingok struck the 57-foot-long bowhead.

17 thoughts on “200 Year Old Whale Killed–Enough is Enough!

  1. Another substandard human specimen that isn’t worth one-tenth of the life he snuffed out. We need vigilantism on the sea too.

  2. And, yes, Captain Watson, let’s cut the custom and tradition crap! The whale is just as dead and suffered just much today because of an ancient tradition as she would have in the past. Old beliefs, old rituals, old traditions should not bestow some kind of blessing or excuse on cruelty. We all have them in our own cultures, and they should be relegated to the past and left there.

  3. I was livid when the makah tribe in Washington state was granted the right to harvest Gray Whales because of their tradition. They have taken a few, but I don’t know if it continues. Of course they had major support from the japanese. There should be no room for such “traditions” in the 21st century. Wildlife is barely hanging on. And I did say I hoped they choked on the whale meat….
    Another great piece by Paul Watson.

    • Paul Watson is one of my heroes. He has done so much to help, and he isn’t afraid of saying what he thinks about the people killing whales and other animal.

      I live in Washington and remember the Makah wanted to continue the whale hunts. Not everyone wanted that and said so. With the political correctness run amuck now, I don’ t know people would be afraid to speak out or not. They just didn’t like the killing.

    • The traditional style of hunting does not, compare to the wholesale slaughter by big commercial ships. They don’t give the whale a chance. Focus your energy on them first as they decimate the most whales.

  4. Fuck this goddamn criminal Whale murder!!!- that has nothing to do with any culture and that is not the the question!!!- this criminal killing has to be DAMMED, BANNED and PROSECUTED AS STRONG AS IT WOULD BE FOR HUMAN MURDER!!!!- COULD NEVER BE A “cultural right”!!!!! Fuck them!!!!!!!!

  5. That’s the thing – people talk about old ways of traditional hunting and fishing, but they use modern methods. It’s a terrible shame that this poor whale managed to live for 200 years, and was taken down this way, and a female to boot, who could reproduce. This and the ‘massive elk’ taken down. I can’t wait until Mother Nature drops the hammer, truly I can’t.

  6. I think we should be more concerned about poisoning and polluting their habitat. Boat traffic, and noise, military drills, oil drilling off shore, under sea mining; and that’s just a quick list off the top of my head of on going things that are killing whales faster than this tribe every will.

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