5 thoughts on “Sir David Attenborough on Overpopulation

  1. Excellent discussion. I assume he was preaching to the choir, since I didn’t hear any boos and hisses. He’s right that we have to get politically incorrect and break the taboo about not talking about too many people.

    Bill Nye gave stepped in that taboo in a speech he gave on Earth Day, and the conservative outrage machine is all cranked up over his suggestions to curtail human childbearing.

    This is from the” National Review: “Bill Nye has some detestable ideas about humanity. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Many environmental doomsayers share his totalitarian impulses (he has toyed with the ideas of criminalizing speech he dislikes) and has a soft spot for eugenics.”

    Yes, the hyperbole and the hot button words are flowing: doomsayers, totalitarian, eugenics.

    Well, we’ll get what we deserve. But the animals will get the worst of it before we all go over the edge.

  2. Of course Sir David Attenborough is spot on. If even the tiny measures he proposes were enacted, it would make a difference for the planet. I honestly don’t know why it is taboo to speak of over population….maybe because folks naively believe that only human life is sacred. The dark side of that belief has always been with us via wars, famine, etc. and it’s only going to get worse.

  3. Where reproducing for us is an instinct for both sexes just like with any other species, I don’t hold out much hope that we will be able to control our population. Sure, we like to think that we ‘plan’ our families, but I don’t know how true that really is. How did we end up with nearly eight billion then? I’ve read that half of all pregnancies are unplanned, and this statistic has remained unchanged for decades.

    It’s also about the human ‘right’ and ‘freedom’ to do whatever we want, whether it is realistic or not.

    • Yes, people the right to as many children as they want or that just happen. They just don’t have to be responsible. There isn’t enough foster care available for the kids who need it, the juvenile court system is overburdened, and social service budgets are too small. But they have the right. . .

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