How we are breeding the next swine flu or bird flu

The Extinction Chronicles

Swine Flu

Bernard Keane did well to summarise the recent Productivity Commission“Regulation of Agriculture” report’s chapter on animal welfare. It’s 61 pages in an 800-page report, but there were a few more relevant chapters that are crucial to understanding how agriculture is and isn’t regulated in Australia. Probably the most important is that on biosecurity, and it demonstrates how easily the Productivity Commission can be led astray.

Keane notes that the commission brings animal welfare within its remit by putting numbers on the costs and benefits to the community of changing the way factories treat animals. I use the word “factories” because well over half of the meat eaten here comes from animals you’d never see in any drive…

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2 thoughts on “How we are breeding the next swine flu or bird flu

  1. We’ve turned the whole earth into a breeding ground. We’re on the way to breeding 9 billion of us. We’re breeding animals in astronomical numbers to kill and feed us. And now we’re breeding and incubating something besides the chickens in their death factories–a tiny byproduct of our abuse that may doom millions of us.

    Karma anyone?

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