Letter in the NY Times re: Donald Trump Jr.’s Hunting

To the Editor:

According to news reports, Donald Trump Jr. spent Earth Day shooting prairie dogs in Montana. His guide was Greg Gianforte, a Republican candidate for Congress and himself a hunting enthusiast. Prairie dogs are not killed to be eaten, but strictly for fun.

Fun? What’s wrong with these people? How can killing defenseless rodents in their natural habitat be seen as fun? This fact further underscores how pathetic and callous the Trump family is. C’mon, Don Jr., really?!



13 thoughts on “Letter in the NY Times re: Donald Trump Jr.’s Hunting

  1. Great letter but prairie dogs aren’t ” rodents ” they are an important species for various reasons won’t go into here but ” rodents” implies pests. Wrong!!!

  2. I’m reminded of a comment George Will once made about killing prairie dogs. He said shooting them for the fun of seeing the “red mist” is an example of the coarsening of our culture.

    It’s also speaks about the arrogance and callousness of the individuals doing it, that depriving living beings of their lives and ignoring their suffering is acceptable fun for them.

    • If trump’s son was killed in a hunting accident then that would help me get rid of some of my anger. Unfortunately, the trump curse is here to stay. The next best thing is to get rid of the Republican curse in the Congress.

  3. ..
    Those that enjoy the suffering and murder of any and all sentient beings are dangerous sociopaths..
    aka serial-killers..
    and they do not deserve to “use” air, IMO…

    • I think you are being kind to call what they do just as ’embarrassingly childish’. They are cold blooded killers. I describe them as sadistic and evil.

  4. The Trumps, and this administration, remind me of a quote by William Shakespeare, “Hell is empty because the Devils are here.” Trump’s assault on our wildlife is a glaring testament to his sociopathic views on all life and should be removed from office before he is allowed to do more damage!

  5. It’s an enormous emotional defect. I’d say these guys are hopeless and beyond rehab. It was just another fine day for the puny-hearted.

  6. Yes, the Trump Regime is utterly disgusting–and very dangerous–to all life on Earth. The fact that Donald Trump got “elected” to the position does not say much for the process. It takes more work to get a driver’s license, one has to pass a test. That this maniac is now in the WH, with the Nuclear Code is frightening, and does not bode well for the survival of most life.


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