That Dog Don’t Hunt

Exposing the Big Game

Since the dark ages of Descartes, certain people have tried to keep non-human animals down and justify their exploitation with the absurd and arrogant allegation that animals don’t really care what happens to them because they aren’t capable of feeling, choosing, or perceiving—they aren’t “conscious”.

Say what? What are they, unconscious?

To borrow a redneck phrase I promise I’ll never resort to again, that dog don’t hunt!

Of course, neither does our yellow lab, Honey. But she definitely can think and feel, and on Wednesday night she felt bad, clearly perceiving that things weren’t right. She must have eaten something unsavory that didn’t sit well. Normally Honey sleeps like a log, choosing to sleep on the bed, but that night she didn’t sleep a wink and instead lay on the floor with a pained expression and a hang-dog look (sorry, again, but it seemed to fit); she was worried, fearful…

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3 thoughts on “That Dog Don’t Hunt

  1. Are Animals Conscious and Sentient? If so any Form of Animal Killing for Sport or profit (AKA hunting, esp trophy hunting, trapping) is serial murder & Hunters & Trappers, Ranchers and Farmers Are Serial Killers. Exploitation is essentially wrong as is speciesism. So is animal farming (aka ranching), which is genocidal in scope, killing millions to billions of animals annually.

    Are non human animals conscious and sentient? Can they think, feel pain, feel a range of emotions (anger, guilt, love, hate, friendly, anxiety, depression, sadness, and more)? Can they make a plan, engage in purposeful behavior, use consequential thinking in choosing actions? Are they aware of individual self in relations, the environs, their family, their needs of food, safety, shelter, belonging? Do they adapt to the environs, to living with other creatures including man? Do they teach their young and protect them and the family? Do they play? Do they evaluate and solve problems? Do they coordinate their actions? Do they mourn, grieve, show empathy? Do they communicate with their kind, and others? Some animals demonstrate all these qualities. They show signs of stress, desire for affection, attention, and belonging. They communicate with vocalizations, body language. Most approach humans with caution, even our pets, and they are stressed with insecurity about our show of affection for them.

    My dogs approach, sometimes with ears laid back, averting gaze, then are relieved when I reciprocate affection. They seek affection, companionship, belonging, love.Yet, despite sentience, humans raise other animals for food (aka ranching), trap them for their fur, kill them as a recreational opportunity (aka hunting). State and federal wildlife agencies primarily manage (aka kill) them to “control their populations”, remove “nuisance” animals, some of which certainly would control their own populations. So humans ranch, hunt, trap, use as source of food, use as a source of recreational killing opportunity other sentient and conscious animals.

    Are humans then “humane”? Humans kill with kindness and with a vengefulness, and wantonly. We humans justify and rationalize our treatment of the animal kingdom by perceiving and treating animals as not sentient and conscious, while perceiving ourselves as special, self-appointed special and above the rest of the animal kingdom, created in God’s image with all else created for us, and as center of the universe. What arrogance, self-centeredness, selfishness! Stupendous narcissism! What horror! Without our tools, superior not. Man is weak without clothing and weapons and more of a parasite than useful niche in the ecology. We appoint ourselves as special and superior with our self-centered perspective on our place in the universe. The Earth and her ecology, wildlife would be better off without us. That is our worth and place in the ecology.


    ISpeciesism – Wikipedia
    Wikipedia › wiki › Speciesism
    Their claim is that species membership has no moral significance. The term is not used consistently, but broadly embraces two ideas. It usually refers to “human speciesism” (human supremacism), the exclusion of all nonhuman animals from the rights, freedoms, and protections afforded to humans.
    ‎History · ‎Arguments against speciesism · ‎Arguments in

    Humans kill 27 million land animals daily for consumption, millions more yearly from hunting and”management” and this is not counting the sea life. Humans kill a million sharks every year. Animal farming is one of the most damaging, not to mention cruelest things we do in harming the planet, the environment (land, sea and air); it is also eating up wilderness and forest and jungles. Man is crueler than any alien so far imagined or presented in alien movies. Man is working himself toward extinction by meat and most everything else with him. We may have the planet at a tipping point in global warming which also has disastrous effects on much land and sea animal life. We have several major species on the brink and trophy hunters and poachers and farmer/ranchers are still going at the slaughter. What humans are doing is not healthy for us or the planet or the other anima Harambe the gorilla, animal exploitation

    Animal consciousness – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia

    Scientists Finally Conclude Nonhuman Animals Are ……/animal…/scientists…Psychology Today
    Aug 10, 2012

    After 2,500 Studies, It’s Time to Declare Animal Sentience …

    Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have … – io9…/prominent-scientists-sign-declaration-that-animals-have-co…io9
    Aug 23, 2012 –

    Brain Researchers Acknowledge Animal Consciousness ……/animal-consciousness_…The Huffington Post
    Sep 5, 2012

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