Hunting-store owner accused of shooting at turkey hunters east of Greeley

By Tommy Simmons, Greeley Tribune

Jim Arnold, 38, the owner of Waterfowl Haven Outfitters in Greeley, faces two counts of felony menacing after Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers say he fired a gun at two hunters and yelled racial slurs at them.

Arnold owns property on the South Platte River just east of Kersey. A few years ago, the report states, Kevin Dunnigan bought property next to Arnold’s. Dunnigan often let Arnold use the property for hunting as well as business, since Arnold also worked as a hunting guide.

Problems began when the Dunnigans began to hunt turkey on the property themselves, along with a few friends, the report says.

The report states Arnold would “harass” the Dunnigans and their friends from time to time, and the situation was tense enough for Dunnigan’s son, Taylor, to expect trouble when he was out hunting with a friend. But things escalated on April 22 when two family friends of the Dunnigans were using the property to hunt turkeys, the report states. Arnold “came out and harassed them by screaming…and shooting his guns,” the report states.

Arnold reappeared the next day, when Taylor was on his family’s property hunting with a friend. They had set up a hunting blind — a camouflaged tent with holes through which to shoot — in the bottom of a riverbed and were waiting for turkeys. Taylor later told officers he was about 70-80 yards from the border of Arnold’s property.

The two were in the tent when they saw Arnold’s 2000 Ford Excursion appear on the property line, the report stated. The driver’s side window was rolled down, and Arnold was looking at them through binoculars, according to the report.

The two recorded a video of what happened next, which served as evidence for police. In the video, Arnold, in front of his truck, fired a round into the air, flushing a group of turkeys from nearby trees. He then reloaded his shotgun.

The report states Arnold fired multiple shots at the small tent where Taylor and his friend remained huddled. Taylor later told officers the shots were hitting bushes between 5 and 20 yards from the tent, and said he was afraid for his life.

11 thoughts on “Hunting-store owner accused of shooting at turkey hunters east of Greeley

  1. I looked out my bedroom window the other morning at five o’clock to see 7 wild turkeys. They were beautiful! The tom was a fine figure of a fellow, strutting around with his tail fanned out.

    The sad thing is that this is a busy area. The apartment complex has nice grounds but is surrounded on 3 sides with businesses. All the developments are pushing animals out of their homes all over the area. There is also a charming raccoon couple who appeared after new retirement complex and physical therapy office took out another wooded area. With all the traffic, I fear for their lives.

    That’s not all. The turkeys have shown up in a couple of other neighbors, and some residents have declared them pests. Recently one of the turkeys seen trying to get around with an arrow protruding from her.

    When it was reported, the usual brain dead comedians felt compelled to treat readers with their usual stream of humorless gags. Seems every living being is nothing but a target around here.

    Here’s just hoping for the best for the turkeys and all the dispossessed.

    • If I were you I would make a fuss and declare the neighbors as pests. I am serious. And I would look around to get some animal organizations involved. I hate human pests.

      • Unfortunately, wildlife does not fall under the anticruelty laws that most humane groups deal with. The law allows them to be trapped, snared, poisoned and shot with bullets and arrows. The bipedal piece of trash who put the arrow in the turkey will probably have to hit a dog or a kid before a lot of people get angry. We’re right next to Idaho. That says something:(

  2. Talk about depravity – I checked over at the Humane Society site and was just grossed out by a story out of WV. HSUS was delicate in how they worded it, but the gist of it is still appalling. And it is hardly the only case of its kind out there! This world is a mess.

    Where is a good meteor strike when you need one. Isn’t that how the dinosaurs went extinct?

    • If you mean the bestiality case, I’m seeing more of that on-line and in petitions. It sounds as if Denmark actually has bestiality brothels!

      I was wondering if religious groups would finally say that sexual abuse of the dog was a sin of animal abuse, or would they say it was a sin against the sinner’s own human dignity?

      Anyway the suffering and death of that poor dog do reveal the depth of depravity that God’s special children can descend to.

      • Yes. Good God. I can’t even comprehend what those poor animals must suffer. It’s rape and non-consenting. It just boggles the mind how selfish humanity can be, and the justifications we make for our own craziness. Weird and bizarre.

        Ah, the Church. Although religion probably sprang up because of our own infatuations with ourselves. There once was a basic code of ethics in religion, but now it has been supplanted by the cult of self.

    • I’m sure there’s a good meteor strike coming sometime again in Earth’s future (just ask Steven Hawking) that humans and a lot of other species won’t survive (unless a pitiful few have colonized Mars or some other inhospitable planet).

      • When you read these kinds of stories, you have to hope the meteor is on the way. Too bad it couldn’t target just human DNA.

      • I know, I hope the Earth’s beleaguered creatures will be spared. When I write about being grossed out and disgusted, it’s is always because of humanity, never the animals we abuse.

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