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Meet the Waved Albatross, the most endangered Albatross out of the twenty one species within the genera known. Identified back in 1883, listed as [critically endangered] the species is known scientifically as Phoebastria irrorata. Since 2007 the Waved Albatross has been bordering complete extinction throughout its range. Endemic to Chile; Colombia; Ecuador (Galápagos); and Peru the bird is also a vagrant in Panama too. populations are still decreasing – and fast! On Española, the breeding population was estimated at c. 12,000 pairs in 1970-1971, 15,600-18,200 pairs in 1994 and at least 34,694 adults in 2001. On Isla de la Plata, there are probably fewer than 10-20 pairs. Unfortunately its now highly likely we may see yet another bird extinction occur within the next 5-8 years should conservation efforts not improve and threats decline rapidly.

Recent studies indicate lower adult annual survival during 1995-2005 than estimates from the 1960s, as…

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