For Now, Being a Sniper is Futile. But Our Day will Come.

Armory of the Revolution

Armory contributor Marcia Mueller articulates what we have all been thinking!

Transport Truck Drivers. The First Casualties of the Revolution!

by Marcia Mueller

Knowing the extent of the devastation and suffering human beings wreak on other animals, along with the realizing that we are powerless to stop it, tends to promote fantasies. We have all seen how far our tabling, leafleting, writing, and clicking have done. We got a handful of nearly useless laws passed, and they’re seldom enforced. Big Ag alone is responsible for incalculable suffering and billions of deaths.

My fantasies start with one of the things I hate most—transport trucks bearing their doomed victims to slaughter.

Then there are the killers who spend their days and years hammering and slashing the life out animals hauled to their workplace.

Being one sniper on a team of other activists and removing the guilty from their jobs is a favorite…

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3 thoughts on “For Now, Being a Sniper is Futile. But Our Day will Come.

  1. And continuing on with the story by the HSUS of the weirdos, HSUS has a story on the general weird practice. Apparently, there is a legal website that these weirdos can go on to trade animals for sex with a membership of 1.5 million weirdos! Have you ever heard of anything so sick? It’s no different than child sexual abuse, abuse of a mentally challenged person, the elderly, etc, or anyone else who doesn’t have agency and cannot speak for or defend themselves, to be preyed upon. And yet it is allowed to go on.

    My wish? Calling all hackers: break into this depraved site, take it down, publish the names, and burn the dump to the ground, and salt the earth afterwards. Disgusting!

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