Praise Country for Ending Seal Slaughter

The Extinction Chronicles

Target: Ola Elvestuen, Member of Norwegian Parliament

Goal: Thank Norway for ending government subsidies to support seal slaughter, thereby sparing countless lives.

For centuries, numerous boats have ventured up north from Norway to kill seals for personal profit. However, this marks the first year that not a single Norwegian boat set sail to kill innocent seals.

Seals are incredibly social animals and can live up to 30 years in the wild. However, many seals do not make it to this age or even to adulthood, as they have traditionally been shot or clubbed to death for their fur, meat and blubber. Thankfully, Norway is now one less country participating in these cruel practices. Sign this petition and thank Norway for no longer supporting seal slaughter, thereby sparing countless animals from unnecessary pain and death.


Dear Mr. Elvestuen,

This is the first hunting season where not one single Norwegian boat set sail to…

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One thought on “Praise Country for Ending Seal Slaughter

  1. Awwwww…..thank you, Norway!

    The worst thing is that seals and sea lions cannot get away from their human killers, much like the deer turning the tables on the hunter post, only in reverse. On TWN there is a video of a recovering sea lion population in New Zealand and some of the depictions of the past slaughter of them are cringe-worthy.

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