Factory Farms Put Climate at Risk, Experts Say in Urging World Health Officials to Speak Out

The Extinction Chronicles


In a letter, 200 experts called on the next director-general of the World Health Organization to confront the role factory farming plays in climate change.

Georgina Gustin


MAY 22, 2017

Concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, have expanded to meet the rising global demand for meat, but they also bring concerns about health and climate. Credit: Jeff Vanuga/USDA/Getty Images

Roughly 200 experts in disciplines from nutrition to animal welfare are calling on the World Health Organization to take a more serious look at the impact of industrial livestock production on human health and the climate.

In a letter sent Monday, the group—which includes former New York Timesfood writer Mark Bittman and environmentalist Bill McKibben—appealed to the WHO, asking that its next director-general work “to reduce the size and number of factory farms.” The WHO’s World Health Assembly got underway Monday, and the body will…

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2 thoughts on “Factory Farms Put Climate at Risk, Experts Say in Urging World Health Officials to Speak Out

  1. The Change to plant and grain monocultures should provide more yield on smaller area. That is because they want to rise the overpopulation. At the same time it means that Meadows, used to feed cows and cattle are dissapearing and are exchanged to plant monocultures. That is more destructive to biodiversity. In high-salary Hollywood documentary “Escape from Earth” the leadership is outlining its current state of space technology, there is clearly said, that n cattle will be taken on the “spaceship”, therefor the population is prepared for a vegetarian died. That is also the absolut only reason of the interest of the christians to veganism. http://echterevolution.wordpress.com

    • Im the only Person, that is doing something against the naturedestruction. That is because Im the only one that is speakin out the relevant Information, that Christianity, Judaism, Islam are carrying out the destruction because they want to destroy the world like it was foretold to them. To protect and cover up the cause means to Support it. http://echterevolution.wordpress.com

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