MadravenspeakAction Alert for Wolves

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


Action Alert: Rep. Mark Pocan (WI) says that even 100 calls to a legislator cannot be ignored. Please network that it is urgent to flood these offices with calls, NOW, and tell them you want Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves to continue to be protected under the science of the Endangered Species Act:

• State Sen. Tom Tiffany (purchased by the bear hunters for $4000): 608-266-2509. Email:

• Ron Johnson: 202-224-5323 or via his website

• Tammy Baldwin: 202-224-5653 or via her website

• Rep. Sean Duffy: 202-225-3365

• Your own legislators at all levels

This alert is also at the bottom of the most recent (May 7, 2017) Madravenspeak column which can be found here. Please network it on social media and email lists. This is urgent. Please find out if your federal senator and house representative are holding listening sessions and ATTEND! This is our chance to…

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