Bowhunter leaves bear cubs without mother

Bowhunter leaves bear cubs without mother


JUNE 2, 2017

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service has rescued one black bear cub and is keeping an eye out for two more after their mother was killed by a bowhunter in the Hart this week.

The sow’s body was found Wednesday off Aintree Drive near the Inverness Mobile Home Park.

Conservation officers found the three cubs up a tree in the vicinity on Thursday and were able to tranquilize one but the other two were too far up for a safe shot so they were left alone.

“I’ve got a couple of residents there who are going to keep an eye out and if they see them and if they are able to, are going to grab them and toss them in a kennel because they’re pretty small,” conservation officer Eamon McArthur said Friday afternoon.

Killing a sow bear with cubs is a violation of the Wildlife Act, as is failing to retrieve a kill. Bowhunting within city limits is legal although the consequences can be stiff if someone is hit by an errant arrow.

Although a warning or a fine is still possible, hunters who kill a sow is asked to report the incident to the Conservation Officer Service so the cubs can be rescued.

“This is relatively close to town and we’ve managed to locate one of the cubs but if this was out in the bush and they just dropped and left it, well those cubs would starve to death, likely,” McArthur said.

Anyone who has information on who is responsible for the death is asked to call the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

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8 thoughts on “Bowhunter leaves bear cubs without mother

  1. What a selfish, entitled jerk. Got to push their right to kill something and who cares about the consequences. Because of so-called ‘hunters’ like this, getting people to accept hunting is going to be an extremely hard sell, unless more of their brethren condemn this kind of careless behavior.

  2. Further to add –

    Many or most people and our leadership at fish and wildlife agencies don’t want to admit that these kinds of selfish, entitled individuals exist – and they delude us and themselves too that these things don’t or won’t happen. That’s why I think it is too soon to delist grizzlies – you’re going to get those who feel their right to kill an animal overrides anything else on the planet – and by killing a mother bear, they’re killing her offspring too – and going over hunting quotas.

    The previous administration was great for that – allowing guns in the National Parks because ‘the majority of gun owners are law-abiding and responsible’, or some words to that effect.

    I understand appealing to our better natures, but we must not forget there are many who don’t have better natures.

    • I would describe this one not just selfish entitled, I think this one is downright a sadistic killer. He did that on purpose, the way a serial killer kills his victims to make a statement. I hope they find this piece of shit and drag his murderous ass to jail.

  3. Anyone who intentionally kills a bear with cubs is nothing more than a psychopath. I still long for these freaks to be shot dead and their bodies left to rot in the woods they so callously hunted in; at least then they’d be giving something back……

  4. The cub they’ve rescued is a beautiful male. He’s at Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter where he’ll be rehabbed and released back to the wild in 2018. If they catch his siblings they’ll end up there as well.

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