The Most Destructive Species

The Lucidum Eye

I just came back from a job-related trip to Indianapolis, where I spent one week training with about 34 other people from different parts of the country. The only thing we had in common was that we all work in medical labs of some sort. Of the 35 of us, only two of us were vegetarian. I learned later that the other vegetarian, a beautiful young woman from India, had never once eaten flesh. I didn’t speak to her at length, but I imagine she didn’t really view it as a choice but rather as a lifestyle that had been instilled in her from birth, a part of her culture and religious beliefs.

We all have choices, but few of us venture outside of our comfort zone or question our lifestyles, our everyday actions, or even our core beliefs. I like to think that humans are somewhat intelligent, but I…

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One thought on “The Most Destructive Species

  1. This is just so crazy. I have entire families of squirrels (two different species), chipmunks, voles, rabbits, foxes, groundhogs, all kinds of birds, deer, and the occasional coyote. NONE of them bother me in any way, and many times are beneficial. My neighbor is a nuisance by spraying and constant fencing and manicuring of his unnatural lawn.

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