Stop the EPA’s approval of the Pebble Mine

We’ve reached 124,861 of our goal of 150,000.

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The petition to the Environmental Protection Agency reads:

“The proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska would unleash billions of tons of toxic waste and cause an irreversible environmental catastrophe. Keep the Bristol Bay Proposed Determination in place and protect the environment, jobs, the region’s economy and this fragile ecosystem.”

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    Stop the EPA's approval of the Pebble Mine

    The world’s largest salmon fishery is again under threat of massive amounts of toxic mining waste — and this time our own government is behind it.

    In a reversal of Obama administration efforts, climate change denier Scott Pruitt and his Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have given a Canadian company the green light to begin construction on the Pebble Mine in Alaska, which would be one of largest open-pit gold and copper mines in the world.

    Industrial polluters, Republicans in Congress and now the Trump administration are pushing for this unmitigated disaster that could destroy the pristine Bristol Bay watershed along with its jobs, economy and wildlife. We must demand that the EPA stop this reckless corporate assault on our environment.

    Tell the EPA: Stop the Pebble Mine now.

    Salmon from Bristol Bay are the lifeblood of this Alaska region, providing half of the world’s sockeye and generating roughly 14,000 jobs and a half billion a year in annual revenue. Native Alaskans have relied on Bristol Bay salmon for subsistence and livelihoods for centuries.1

    But all of that is now at risk because greedy corporate profiteers and our own EPA could cause an irreversible environmental catastrophe. In a backroom deal struck with Northern Dynasty, the owner of the Pebble Mine project, Scott Pruitt agreed to settle previous lawsuits regarding the mine, abandoned Obama-era regulatory plans and encouraged the company to apply for new permits to begin operations.2

    The public has overwhelmingly rejected the Pebble Mine project. More than 65 percent of all Alaskans, 80 percent of Bristol Bay residents — including Native people — and more than 85 percent of commercial fisherman strongly oppose the Pebble mine.3,4,5 Over 1.5 million people — including 100,000 CREDO members — have let the EPA know that the Pebble Mine is absolutely unacceptable.

    We won a huge victory a few years ago to stop the Pebble Mine, but now Trump is on the verge of reversing it. We must take action now to protect the Bristol Bay and its watershed from toxic mining pollution for good.

    Tell the EPA: Stop the Pebble Mine now.

    Thanks for all you do.



    2 thoughts on “Stop the EPA’s approval of the Pebble Mine

    1. What a nightmare! There is huge, and I mean huge, opposition to this – so I hope that it will not go forward. Local salmon fishermen, sports fishermen, indigenous people, restaurants, even Tiffany’s and other jewelry stores won’t buy the gold. Right in the middle of a pristine headwaters is not the place for a mine, end of story! The EPA should have taken a firmer oppositional stance when they had the opportunity for at least 8 years.

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