Jettisoning ‘Best Available Science,’ Trump Admin. Tosses Out Federal Protections for Yellowstone’s Grizzlies

The Extinction Chronicles

The “ongoing threats the bears face will now be compounded by trophy hunting and lethal removal by trigger-happy state agencies,” says Andrea Santarsiere of the Center for Biological Diversity

 A grizzly bear and cub in Yellowstone. (Photo: wolverine_9_5/flickr/cc)

The Trump administration announced Thursday that the Yellowstone grizzly bear population is losing its endangered species protections—a decision conservation groups say is “flawed and premature” and could make the iconic species the target of trophy hunters.

CNNreports: “The bears received endangered species protection in 1975, when their population was about 136. Today, there are estimated to be 700, more than enough to meet the criteria to be removed from the endangered list, the government said.”

A press statement from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says that the “population was determined to be recovered because multiple factors indicate it is healthy and will…

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3 thoughts on “Jettisoning ‘Best Available Science,’ Trump Admin. Tosses Out Federal Protections for Yellowstone’s Grizzlies

  1. “Are people more important than the grizzly bear? Only from the point of view of some people.” – Edward Abbey
    This is an all-out push now, from the pro-hunting coalitions (with the help of some environmental groups) to open all public lands to hunting, including the revered National Parks. The hunting/livestock lobby, which surrounds Yellowstone, has always hated the idea of Grizzly, Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine, Coyote, Fox, Deer, Elk, Bison and hundreds of smaller species being protected from their weapons of destruction. Couple this with increases in Climate Change, it does not bode well for most wild species. Trump’s animal-killing, blood-thirsty sons will be out there, no doubt, but perhaps they may fall victim to the increasing incidence of hunting accidents.

    • It’s sad to realize that with all of our rhetoric about science, reason and humanity, nothing has changed. I truly believe that we refuse to do much to help or listen to our indigenous peoples because the dominant culture still views them as a threat to the lands.

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