Please Sign on for 24 hour Mandated Trap Checks!

Will you please add your name to a letter, that our friend, Zack Strong, of NRDC, so diligently compiled, insisting Montana implement a 24 hour mandated trap check time period?

Montanans, in particular, are asked to sign as FWP continually emphasizes out of state comments as if Montanans don’t care!

Simply reply to this alert and provide:

  • your name
  • your town and state

Also requested, but not required:

  • your occupation, especially if in wildlife, animal, or science related professions

We will then see that you are included on the letter to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks before the deadline for the 2017 Trapping Proposals

Please reply before July 13!

Feel free to pass this on so others can sign on, too! A very big thank you, to Zack, for his dedication and persistence!

Everyone, PLEASE don’t forget to submit your comment on ALL the Montana 2017 trapping proposals before the July 16 5pm mst deadline.


6 thoughts on “Please Sign on for 24 hour Mandated Trap Checks!

  1. This is one of those good news/bad news things. Actually it’s bad news/bad news because nothing to do with trapping is ever good. A 24-hour check would mean individual animals would suffer for less time–a day instead of two, three, a week, etc (that is, IF the trapper obeys the law, which trappers don’t). BUT it also means the trapper would reset the trap every day–giving it a chance to catch and torture a greater number of animals.

      • And none of this ‘illegal trapping’ crap. It’s poaching! These people are stealing wildlife from the public and the public lands. The only way people could have an idea how cruel and how much suffering it causes if their leg, foot or arm was caught in a leg-hold trap in the middle of wilderness and nobody came to help them for a week.

  2. Trapping of wildlife is one of the most inhumane, barbaric, and archaic ways devised to hunt animals. It should forever be banned everywhere. It brings in a measly $96,000 a year for Montana and generates untold suffering. and yet is allowed to continue….why????

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