New cougar and bear trapping seasons start in fall of 2017

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JULY 5, 2017 09:14 AM

The Government of Saskatchewan has established trapping seasons for cougars and black bears in select wildlife management zones in Saskatchewan’s farmland.

“Both cougar and bear populations have been expanding into the southern portion of Saskatchewan,” Environment Minister Scott Moe said.  “Establishing additional trapping seasons will better manage these growing populations and help reduce human and livestock encounters for both species.”

The cougar season is trapping only; hunting free-ranging cougars is prohibited.  The season will open on October 15 and close on March 31.  Reporting is mandatory for all cougars harvested.  This information will help the ministry determine the impact of this new harvest on the long-term sustainability of the species.

The number of incidental captures of cougar by Saskatchewan trappers has increased.  Formalizing a season will encourage more trapping in cougar areas and will allow trappers to retain and sell their catch.  Limiting…

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3 thoughts on “New cougar and bear trapping seasons start in fall of 2017

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