Photo by David Stephenson/

California leads the country in laws that require the humane treatment of animals. Nearly 10 years ago, California voters overwhelmingly approved Prop 2 so that California’s egg-laying hens can spread their wings and breeding pigs and veal calves have enough room to turn around. A new bill threatens gains like these and future progress for farm animals and wildlife.

AB 243 proposes the creation of a new state beef commission that would engage in legislative, regulatory and ballot measure advocacy funded by a new tax on all of California’s beef and dairy producers, including small family farmers.

Backed by California’s large beef and dairy industries, AB 243 would exempt all activity of the new commission from the state’s antitrust, unfair practices and public records laws.

Your voice is needed to speak out against Big Ag’s power grab.

Please take a moment to call your state senator now. Look up your legislators’ phone numbers. You can say, “As your constituent, I urge you to vote ‘no’ on AB 243, the California Beef Commission Law, in order to protect consumers, animals and the environment.”

After your call, use the form below to send a follow-up message. Editing your message will help it stand out.



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