The Extinction Chronicles

Thursday, July 6th 2017, 1:42 pm PDTThursday, July 6th 2017, 8:40 pm PDT

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) –

A former Punahou School student was sentenced Thursday to 45 days behind bars for slaughtering protected birds at Kaena Point in 2015.

Christian Gutierrez was also sentenced to one year probation and ordered to do 200 hours of community service, and was remanded to custody after the sentencing hearing.

“The people have every right to be angry and disgusted at my behavior,” Gutierrez said. “I am ashamed of myself.”

Prosecutors and wildlife conservationists had been pushing for one year in jail for Gutierrez, calling the crime savage.

Authorities accused Gutierrez and two other young people in the killings of at least 15 Laysan albatrosses at Kaena Point Natural Reserve.

But on Thursday, state Department of Land and Natural Resources Chairwoman Suzanne Case said the sentence sent a strong message to the community.

“The fact…

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  1. What an idiot. At least its something though, to put him behind bars. These beautiful birds are endangered, and I have seen them in HI.

    Is idiot an example of the way we exalt ourselves as the highest life form on the planet? I think not!

  2. Don’t you just love these ‘moments of clarity’ these criminals get in the courtroom?

    But fear not – he’s now an ex-con, which will follow him forever! *evil laughter*

    • Just wanted to make sure – the crime cannot be expunged from this scumbag’s record – so like the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, it will follow him forever:

      “In sentencing, the court also rejected the defense’s request for a deferral of Gutierrez’s no contest plea, which would have permitted the defendant to seek an expungement of his record. ”

      I still think that the rich parents ought to be sued in civil court for all of the damage to the research and equipment that they did! I don’t know why young people today are compelled to brag about their crimes on social media and at a party later, that alone says they are psychopaths – but at least it allows them to be caught. I cannot imagine bringing something like this into the world as a parent.

  3. Hawaii takes protecting its delicate environment very seriously I am glad to know. I just hope community service for this jerk doesn’t put him anywhere near wildlife – maybe picking up trash on the beaches in the hot sun, or along the highways would suit him.

    This guy went to a prestigious prep school where they actually took the class to this wildlife refuge on a field trip! So much for the educated elites being more knowledgeable and having the benefit of education, over the rabble. I doubt even the rabble would have behaved this way!

  4. Yes picking up trash along the highway in the hot sun would work…more chance to become road kill. To say I am fresh out of sympathy for these psychopaths would be putting it mildly.

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