Sixth mass extinction: The era of ‘biological annihilation’

The Extinction Chronicles

Story highlights

  • Scientists have said it’s clear that Earth is entering its sixth mass-extinction event
  • Study: A third of the 27,600 species are shrinking in terms of numbers and territorial range
  • “What is at stake is really the state of humanity,” study author says

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(CNN)Many scientists say it’s abundantly clear that Earth is entering its sixth mass-extinction event, meaning three-quarters of all species could disappear in the coming centuries.

That’s terrifying, especially since humans are contributing to this shift.
But that’s not even the full picture of the “biological annihilation” people are inflicting on the natural world, according to a study published Monday in…

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4 thoughts on “Sixth mass extinction: The era of ‘biological annihilation’

  1. What we fail to realise is that we also are part of the planet’s biodiversity. It is not about the others, but about us too.

  2. Indigenous cultures understand this throughout the world, and yet we keep chipping away at that truth to minimize it, so that we can promote overhunting and overconsumption of resources – saying it is racist thinking, or that it was never true, or it is an over-romanticizing of history. What I do know is that in 60 years, from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, European settlers nearly wiped out grizzlies and I believe wolves and bison too – where indigenous people lived side by side with them for thousands of years. And that is a fact.

    • Manifest Destiny in the West today, led by extractive industry and the livestock cartel with big-ag in tow, will be rewarded by their beneficiaries in the Trump Administration and in the statehouses and governors’ mansions of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. For context, never have so many politicians in cowboy hats been as afraid of a prairie chicken as they were when they feared the sage grouse would receive ESA designation. As it was with Custer’s peers, Sherman, Sheridan, and their Russian cohort, Grand Duke Alexis, through to Teddy Roosevelt, Madison Grant and George Bird Grinnell, trophy hunting is a form of serial killing practiced almost exclusively by the white, privileged elite, like Don, Jr. and Eric Trump. The directors of state game and fish departments today are little more than servile gamekeepers who exist to tend to their masters’ lust for heads and hides, and leave the land vulnerable to whatever those masters will profit from. In this “Game of Thrones” they are Reek. The grizzly bear is not a “trophy game animal” as their post-delisting plans would have you believe.
      — Chairman of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe of the Oceti Sakowin, the Great Sioux Nation, Brandon Sazue

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