To Be or Not to Be?: Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

The Extinction Chronicles

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Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

For four decades I have been speaking about the sixth mass extinction and the threat that we have become to our own future and the future of most species on this planet.

Now at last the mainstream media is beginning to notice.

For decades my concerns have been ridiculed and criticized for being an alarmist and a doomsday prophet.

When it comes to ecological threats, humans always seem to do very little too late.

There are solutions but for the majority of humanity all the real solutions are unacceptable. They want solutions without sacrificing their life styles.

We have to understand that farmlands will nor survive if we kill the bacteria in the soil. We have to understand that 7.5 billion meat eating, fish eating primates are rapidly destroying entire eco-systems.

The life support systems of the Earth, our Ocean, our rainforests, the biosphere are…

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2 thoughts on “To Be or Not to Be?: Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

  1. Captain Watson always sums things up so well. I can’t help but see the accompanying photo of condoms as the tossing out of life preservers to the world. 🙂

  2. Humans should have been extinct long ago. Human population is at the core, along with our myopic, human-centered institutions, and ideologies. We are incapable of doing anything now to save this blue planet, fast becoming brown, because it would mean drastic, rapid population decline, and immediately halting all destructive activities. Even then, the damage we’ve done and are doing would rage on because the Earth’s feed-back loops have already been set in motion. Climate Change has kicked in and now has a mind of its own. What filth, destruction, poison, this terrible species leaves behind will be on this Earth for eons. Damn us.

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