Washington state to kill more wolves to protect livestock



11 thoughts on “Washington state to kill more wolves to protect livestock

  1. No surprise at all. Yet another public lands tragedy. It doesn’t help that the director of Washington State’s “game” department is from Idaho’s “game” department. It doesn’t get any worse than that kind of “leadership.”

  2. We’re lied to yet again. How many false promises have we had to endure from these people? Now they’ve gone to the pre-emptive strike approach, Idaho is baiting and switching, and not bothering to do a population count. I’m seeing the pattern there, with Idaho. People need to stop eating beef – sure, I’m told that a very small percentage of ranchers graze livestock in the West, but the industry as a whole wields the power that protects them all in Washington, DC – not unlike the NRA. We need to stop eating it, or stop eating as much.

  3. They only had four attacks? Or have they had any at all? We’ve also heard that they didn’t intend to take out certain wolves, but when they are up in the air Wildlife Services/F&W either does whatever it wants to, or they do not have the control they think they do. Recall that a female was taken out ‘in error’ the last time, last year for the Profanity Peak pack. So sorry, mistakes were made, more bullshit. We’ll do better next time. Only they keep doing worse and worse every year. No self-respecting should trust them.

    I do not care if these bastards operate on slim margins and lose money, my fondest wish is that they will go out of business as soon as possible.

  4. And you notice how insidiously this is happening. First killing wolves was every other year or so – now it has become every year! Also, an unconfirmed wolf kill can count against them – so that means that even if they don’t kill the number that triggers Wildlife “Services” to step in, they can add one without proof! Washington only has 115 wolves – but I bet because of pressure from the livestock industry, the weak government caved again. This is supposed to be an experiment (kill first, ask questions later), and it won’t be the end of wolf killing this year either is my bet.

    It is absurd to have cattle running in a national forest. Any number of dangers are there for cattle. Get them off the public lands.

  5. If the rancher is on leased public land, especially rugged, almost indefensible land, then wolves should not be killed for the rancher. The rancher is already being heavily subsidized by the public ($1.89 aum per month). Wildlife officials should work with the rancher before, during any predations. This type of land really should not be leased in the first place. Another wolf pack will just move into the vacancy of a killed pack, and into a problem rancher situation. What we have with problem rancher is continuing encroachment on the wild.

    It sounds like the stock loss was light stretched over a several month period: “Last year’s depredations occurred in late September and included a confirmed kill of a calf, a probable kill of a calf and a confirmed injury of a calf.

    One other calf has been killed by wolves and two injured stretching back to 2015 in the general area.” (Wolfwatchers)

    Washington wolf management protocol sounds harsh and unrealistic: Ranchers are allowed 3-4 strikes in time period of 1-10 months on leased land, on top of wolves, then lethal management takes effect, providing the rancher has met the letter of the rules for non lethal management.

    Entitlement thinking, power and control thinking, victim stance positioning, ranchers on leased public land, in national forests, are one of the most destructive forces to wildlife, wilderness, environment, and pollution. Ranchers encroaching on wildlife then demanding protection from that wildlife constitutes never ending encroachment.

    Killing predators, wolves, is not always the best management practice. It shatters families, making it much more difficult for them to hunt, and probably results in more stock predation. If the entire pack is killed, or even enough of them, it create a vacancy for another pack, another pack coming into a rancher created problem.

    It sounds like another rancher (Profanity Wolf Pack 2016) put cattle on top of a wolf pack and then said don’t eat (Smackout Wolf Pack now, July 2017), Huckleberry Wolf Pack 2014, Wedge Wolf Pack 2012.




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