The Extinction Chronicles


Mexican wolves desperately need your voice. The long overdue plan to guide recovery efforts in the coming decades was just released and it falls woefully short of actually recovering lobos.

Please sign our citizens’ comment letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on the flawed draft plan by August 28th.

The draft “recovery” plan reads more like a draft extinction plan dreamed up by the wolves’ most hostile opponents. It’s so fundamentally flawed that we cannot possibly include all of our concerns in this short email.

The plan gives away decision-making authority over vital releases of captive-bred wolves into the wild to the anti-carnivore states of New Mexico and Arizona. It actively prevents lobos from reclaiming historic habitats, and artificially caps the wild population at just 320-380 wolves when the best science shows we need at least 750 wolves to declare the species recovered. And it settles…

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