Breaking News: The Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves remain federally protected!


Dear wolf advocates:

We have fantastic news! This morning the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia agreed the gray wolf in the Great Lakes and Wyoming should remain on the federal Endangered Species List.

Essentially, the federal appeals court has ruled against the Interior Department’s 2011 decision to delist the gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act. The court said, “Because the government failed to reasonably analyze or consider two significant aspects of the rule—the impacts of partial delisting and of historical range loss on the already-listed species—we affirm the judgment of the district court vacating the 2011 Rule.”

This decision re-affirms what we know: the wolf is a vulnerable and valuable species and needs federal protections for their long-term survival. The wolf is an important part of our state and nation’s ecology and culture. We have known all along that wolf hunting recklessly endangers this valuable…

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4 thoughts on “Breaking News: The Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves remain federally protected!

  1. I was flabbergasted to hear of this, especially in today’s political climate, and I thank all those involved in protecting our valuable wildlife! Wyoming I think was planning their hunting seasons first and foremost.

  2. Ever since that illegal, forced-through delisting in 2011 (and by Democrats, no less!), I have lost faith (what little I did have) in the state and Federal government’s ability and knowledge to care for our country’s valuable wildlife. It’s been a cloud over it since 2011, and left me never feeling that vigilance can be let up, hardly celebratory, as was written in an anti-wolf article recently.

    This decision is especially gratifying knowing that two Democratic witches in the Great Lakes, MN and WI, wanted to delist.

  3. Wyoming wolves remain unprotected!

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