Kingston man lucky to be alive following freak hunting accident

The Extinction Chronicles

Kingston man, Ben Crittenden, is lucky to be alive, and is recovering from surgery after a freak hunting accident near Tweed, Ontario Monday, which left him impaled by the arrow of a crossbow.

“To be completely honest, it brought me to tears,” Childhood friend Dominic Owens said.

It’s unclear exactly how the arrow became disengaged, but the end result left the arrow only a millimetre from his heart.

“Had (First Responders) moved him a little more than they did. Had they not packaged him properly, or had they not immobilized that arrow – it could have moved that one millimetre,” Owens said while holding back tears.

Crittenden was rushed to Belleville General Hospital from Tweed, then airlifted to Kingston General Hospital where surgery to remove the arrow was successful.

“I would like to thank the community for their concern and well-wishes,” Crittenden said in a statement…

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2 thoughts on “Kingston man lucky to be alive following freak hunting accident

  1. Too bad he isn’t dead, it would have saved the lives of all the animals he will kill for the rest of worthless life. The sub-human parasite would have done the world a favor by dying.

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