New Film from Predator Defense

also, These two articles came out today.

3 thoughts on “New Film from Predator Defense

  1. I don’t contribute to any of these organization. I used to donate a lot to Defenders of Wildlife until I heard about the Profanity killings. I am done with these fake wildlife conservation groups that sell out so easily.

  2. They are misguided in that they think they are doing the right thing for wolves and wildlife, and don’t want to face up to or are blind to seeing the continual progression of wolf killings that their capitulating allows.

    I’m glad this film was made, because it shows just how unrealistic raising cattle in a rugged national forest truly is. Or at a National Seashore, or a desert. Or a wildlife refuge. I just am shaking my head at the forcing of livestock on lands that can’t support them.

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