Oregon’s responsibility for wolves: Letter to the editor

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has gone astray and Gov. Kate Brown needs to pay attention. When the private property of livestock on our public lands takes precedence over Oregon’s wildlife, the agency has lost sight of its mission: “To protect and enhance Oregon’s fish and wildlife and their habitats for the use and enjoyment by present and future generations.”

Oregon’s young people expect the agency overseeing wolves on our public lands to be protecting them, not killing them. Some of the Harl Butte wolves are being killed on our public lands. This is a travesty. A travesty because the lives of a few of Oregon’s 1.3 million cows are more highly valued than the lives of our small native wolf population. Our public lands are not the sole property of ranchers. They belong to our wildlife and to all Oregonians.

The decision to kill these wolves is also a travesty because it is based on an outdated wolf plan lacking emphasis on non-lethal methods or conservation. The plan was to be reviewed and revised in 2015. It still has not been completed. In 2015, ODFW chose instead to decrease protection by delisting our wolves as a state endangered species.

Gov. Brown needs to hold the fish and wildlife department accountable for its tactics and insist it gets back on track with its mission. No new killings should be allowed under these outdated rules.

Joanie Beldin, North Portland

4 thoughts on “Oregon’s responsibility for wolves: Letter to the editor

  1. Unfortunately this travesty has been going on since the cattle kings established themselves in this country. They took the land from Native Americans, killed the bison, and ordered the deaths of “free living” animals. They went forth to destroy the big predators and then the “trash” animals, small wildlife who were in the way.

    Our great species casts a wide net of death.

  2. I’m glad tho that advocates keep hammering on the point that there isn’t even an updated management plan. The management plan seems to be: respond to who makes the most noise. Right now, it’s the ranchers, and it should be the public, and I predict it will be, more and more.

    This governor is keeping a low profile (meaning this isn’t an issue she thinks is important enough to stand up for, or she is too weak to stand up for). I was so thrilled with Florida, where they actually have promised to step up and change weak wildlife protection laws.

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