18 thoughts on “Psych 101…

  1. I’ve blathered on about hunters and their smug, self-satisfied photos displaying their bloody handiwork. After the pictures and quotes above, I would just like to add two great and relevant quotes to think about.

    “Entirely out of control, the human technomachine guzzles and lurches and vomits and rips its random crazy course over the face of the once-blue planet, as though some filthy, barbaric fist were drunkenly swiping with a gigantic paint roller across an ancient tapestry.” (John A. Livingston, “The Fallacy of Wildlife Conservation”)

    “When the dust settles on man’s reign of terror, he will be best remembered as an egomaniacal mutant carnivorous ape who squandered nature’s gifts and goose-stepped on towards mass extinction, in spite of warnings from historians and scientists and pleas from a caring few.” (Jim Robertson, “Exposing the Big Game”)


    • Agreed, the human species will be remembered as the evolution’s disaster; a dangerous complex (in biological terms) organism created by random mutation, and unleashed like a biological death machine on the planet.

      • Maybe we will be studied by some extra-terrestrial beings. In their explorations of a desolate uninhabitable world, maybe they dig up the history of earth, similar to paleontologist do now. They will easily see the destruction we caused in the layers of rocks. The layers before humans’ destructive presence will be filled with remains of thousand, if not millions of specifies of plants and animals. The layers during and after the narrow band of rock representing the time of humans on earth, will be increasingly empty of any other species and filled with human refuse and remain. Maybe the extra terrestrials will see all the evidence of our relentless and merciless destruction and despise us for what we are.

  2. At one point in time, it may have seemed that the earth’s resources were unending and just there for mankind’s taking. It isn’t that way any more, because of us, and eating meat with total abandon and killing for pleasure cannot go on. We’re fast backing ourselves into a corner between sustainability and the economy and human overbreeding. We can’t say we haven’t brought it on ourselves.

    I was asked, when responding to an article in HuffPo where the author seemed to be in a comfortable bubble about climate change (regardless of which political party, it seems), how to reach us about it? I’m not big on people not accepting responsibility for themselves, because it needs to come from the individual. But I was searing through the internet, and with articles such as this, I don’t think we are going to be able to reach anybody. Can’t even stop eating meat to save the planet and other people on it, nevermind the wildlife:

    Is it fair? Really?


  3. “Cows, sheep and goats are all ruminants–not because they think a lot….”

    This is one of the many things that bugged me about this article as well. Is the author saying that justifies our domination and maltreatment of other living things? Not amusing. Hard to change these attitudes, and our arrogant opinions of ourselves and our entitlements.

    Just because people have been eating meat for centuries, doesn’t mean it has to continue.

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