HSUS Harvey Update: Search and rescue operations underway

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Our Animal Rescue Team is on the ground right now helping animals impacted by the massive flooding and destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Upon our arrival in Texas City, we learned that the most urgent needs were in Dickinson and League City, where our help was requested by officials. My team is conducting animal search and rescue missions with Dickinson Animal Control. We are responding in flooded areas where roads remain impassible to rescue pets from their deluged homes.

ART van driving through floodThe flooding is so severe that road closures will have our team marooned in place until some flooding subsides.

But we’ve purchased food and crates to temporarily house animals who are rescued from the field—and we’ll ensure they have a soft and warm place to rest.

We’re also transporting animals who were available for adoption before the storm in San Antonio to other states to make room for displaced pets.

Thank you so much for your support, and please stay tuned for another update tomorrow.

Sara Varsa
Sára Varsa
Senior Director, Animal Cruelty, Rescue and Response

7 thoughts on “HSUS Harvey Update: Search and rescue operations underway

  1. Donated yesterday. I’ve been worried about the animals in this terrible storm. There was news about 12 horses they were attempting to rescue by swimming them from one place to another, using water skis to herd them. Hope they all made it. The way people are helping out in so many ways is wonderful.

  2. Sadly this will end up ultimately being just another warehousing of animals. This is not to minimize the efforts of these first responders, I have been there and it is physically and emotionally demanding work. However, most of these animals will not be “reclaimed”; who would leave them behind in the first place? And the breeding and bringing into the world of more and more of future victims of human selfishness will continue. Sorry folks but we need to stop putting bandaids on our cancerous behaviors and hopefully there wont be any need for ” rescues” in the future.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I can’t understand anyone who would leave their animals behind. After one storm rescuers found dogs still chained to their dog houses to drown. The fools couldn’t even bother to let them loose to have a chance. I wouldn’t have horses, cows, etc., where floods and fires are a danger. They are harder to take along.

      Too many animals conceived who aren’t wanted and will have short and probably miserable lives. Too many people conceived who will end up being careless and irresponsible.

  3. ..
    I too donated to the Humane Society

    I can barely watch the news anymore..
    My heart will not stop bleeding for the precious animals..
    Dog bless the Humane Society..
    and all those families and rescuers who realize that animals are not “property”..

    They feel..
    They love..
    They’re souls are pure..
    They want to live as much as humans do..

    And (in my world) animals are perfect..
    and deserve to live MORE than (most) humans..


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