Grizzly bear activists cautiously optimistic about ban

The Extinction Chronicles

Jim Lawrence and Miriam Needoba played a part in the NDP’s new trophy hunting ban

Jim Lawrence considered Apple the Bear an old friend.

The famed photographer and environmental advocate spent years taking pictures of Apple, a grizzly who roamed a small area near the north end of the Lardeau River. A distinctive scar on her nose made Apple easy to spot, and she co-existed with locals who in turn showed her respect.

“She was an ambassador. Just a wonderful bear. The first bear a lot of people got to watch close up,” said Lawrence. “She wasn’t frightening, there was nothing intimidating about Apple. She would just look you in the face like a dog. She could smile, show her emotions. Not aggressive, if you got too close she would woof but even her woof wasn’t frightening.

“Apple, that bear would dispel all the…

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